Unusual events

Garden trail

Garden trail event

An ideal fundraiser for the spring and summer months, this garden-themed event is a great way to bring families in your community together.

Obstacle course

Boy with wipeout water pistol

The kids can let off steam with this fun DIY obstacle course - complete with water pistols and bubble machines!

Escape room

Children in a escape room

Escape rooms have massively taken off in popularity recently - join in the trend by creating your own.

It's a knockout!

Boy on inflatable at It's a knockout event

Who could resist a fundraising event involving giant inflatables, water and soap bubbles? You had me at 'slide of doom!'

Takeaway curry club

Women selling takeaway curry

Hold a foodie event with a difference - takeaway!

Bollywood ball

People dancing at a Bollywood ball

With bhangra music, curry, dancing and decorations, your PTA can give guests a hint of Asian culture as part of a fabulous evening of fundraising.

Safari supper

Animals in the jungle for safari supper event

Encourage families at your school to come together and dine out-and-about in this sociable PTA event.

Pop-up restaurant

Table at a pop-up restaurant event

Transform your school hall or canteen into a plush restaurant and invite parents to come and dine at your 'dig in and do good' fundraiser.

A Night on Broadway

Children dancing at Night on Broadway event

Encourage pupils, parents, and others in the community to take centre stage and raise PTA funds with a showstopping musical-themed fundraiser.

Scalextric night

Model car at scalextric night event

What better way to encourage Dads along to your PTA fundraisers, with a fun-filled night of Scalextric racing?

Scarecrow trail

Gruffalo scarecrow

Spark the creativity of parents and children alike, with this scarecrow trail event – guaranteed to get everyone outdoors!

Glow-in-the-dark disco

Children at glow-in-the-dark disco event

Brighten up your PTA fundraising and organise a children's disco with plenty of glow sticks, UV paint, and music!


Group enjoying an Oktoberfest

With beer and music, an Oktoberfest event opens your fundraising up to everyone in your local community and makes a great start to the new school year!

Ghost walk

A ghost on a ghost walk

This chilling and spooky PTA fundraiser is perfect for Halloween, and will give parents and older children a night to remember!