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Ladies' 80s night

Raise PTA funds and give mums an excuse to let their hair down with a fabulous ladies' 80s night! This is how Laura Macfarlane, PTA Secretary at St Flannans Primary in Glasgow turned her's into a hit...

'Our ladies' 80s night was a great success, getting mums to socialise. We sold tickets for £3 and I produced all the flyers, tickets, and decorations myself to keep costs down. Local businesses donated raffle prizes. We also had a prize for the best-dressed lady as everyone made a huge effort with their outfits. I had a grid of 80s songs, which I sold for £1. The person whose song was picked won a prize and their song was played. We also sold glowsticks, which proved really popular.

The event was held on a Friday night from 7-11pm. The DJ cost £100, room hire was £39 and I also spent £50 on glowsticks. It was a bring-your-own-booze event - we simply provided plastic cups. There was very little outlay otherwise. Although it was mainly for mums, we had a real mix of age groups with mums, sisters, aunts and grans - around 100 attended. We raised well over £600. It was a fantastic night; even the DJ commented that there was a really good atmosphere!'

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