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Spring term fundraising ideas

Read up about fundraising ideas for the spring term at your school, including Easter, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Summer success stories

Looking for some summer term inspiration? Browse these fundraising ideas and see what suits you!

Autumn success stories

It's the season of bonfire night and Halloween, so how will you fundraise this term? Read our autumn success stories and find inspiration.

Winter success stories

Need inspiration to bring some fundraising fun to the winter months? Browse these PTA success stories...

Valentine's Day

Use the day of love as an excuse to raise funds. Here are some Valentine's Day fundraising ideas that would work perfect in schools.

Pancake Day

Leap year fundraising

Mother's Day events

Raise money in the lead up to Mother's Day by choosing one of these fundraising initiatives to run your school.

Ideas for Easter

These fundraising ideas for Easter can be run in school, and include both adults and children.

Father's Day ideas

Raise money in the lead up to Father's Day by choosing one of our fundraising events to run with the children.

Father's Day fundraisers

With Father's Day and finer weather fast approaching, what fundraising gems do you have in store for the men in your life?

PTAs at sports day

End of year events

Celebrate the end of the academic year (and all your hard work) by running a summer fundraising event to say goodbye for summer!

Events for new families

Legs of people dancing at a barn dance

At the start of a new term, welcome new children and families to the school by running an all-inclusive fundraising event

15 festive fundraisers

Run a family barbecue

Hold a BBQ party: friends, fun and food!

A family barbeque at the end of the school year, or at the start of the new year brings the entire school community together to meet, mingle and have fun.

Foodie fundraisers

Serving refreshments at a school concert is one thing, but run a fundraising entirely dedicated to food and you could be on to a winner.

Beetle drive

A beetle drive is a great, simple fundraising idea for children.

A-Z fundraising ideas

If you're looking for some fundraising inspiration, cast your eyes down this list and see what jumps out at you!

Circus fundraiser

A circus might have a big upfront cost, but the profit potential is huge!

Literacy fundraisers

Literacy-linked fundraising ideas

Encourage support from teachers by linking your fundraising events with the National Curriculum.

Raise cash for other causes

Eco-friendly fundraisers

Events for school leavers