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Sell online event tickets

The traditional way to sell tickets for events has always been in person, but this can be time-consuming and not always practical. Digital ticketing avoids these problems and also means there's no risk of lost tickets, and less handling of money, paperwork and trips to the bank for your committee.

Online links can be easily shared via social media to widen your potential donor base. There is a charge for using these services, but this can be absorbed into the ticket price, and most would agree that the benefits of digital ticketing hugely outweigh this drawback. So, if you're keen to update your PTA and go digital, what are you options when selling tickets online?

The dedicated platform: Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a dedicated online ticketing platform suitable for events of all sizes. It lets you sell different ticket types, making it easy to charge different prices for adults, children and early bird, for example. You can set up discount codes as incentives, and can email all ticket buyers with any last-minute reminders or details.

There are no booking fees, instead you subscribe to the no-contract service, paying a set price per month that allows you to host a certain number of events. When you have no events on sale, simply switch to the free plan to retain access to your data without being charged. Track how sales are going with the analytics graphs and use tracking links to see where sales are coming from. You can also export your ticket buyer data, so you can use the information to inform planning for your next event. Entry to the event is made easy with the capacity to print out a door list and use a phone to scan tickets.

  • Prices start at £19 per month for up to five events (max 250 tickets per event), with 20% off for charities. Try it for free for your first five ticket sales.

The all-rounder: PTA Events 

PTA Events provides an all-round tool for your PTA needs. As well as selling tickets, you can send out newsletters, communicate with your committee, volunteers and supporters, add news articles to keep supporters up to date with your fundraising, upload files such as meeting minutes, recruit volunteers and hold online auctions (and more!).

PTA Events allows you to contact ticket holders in advance of events to collect any information needed, and you can also add options and compulsory questions for ticket buyers to choose and answer when purchasing. This means you can easily collate lists of whatever information is required to help your event run smoothly, from menu choices to permission information. The system collates a list of ticket buyers that can be used on the door, and you can upgrade to the QR code scanning feature for a small fee. 

The platform is free to join when using the basic service, which is offset by the website's advertising.

  • Fees are dependent on the payment provider used, including PayPal, Stripe and GoCardless.

The community scheme: Classlist

Classlist offers a GDPR-compliant way for you to communicate directly with school families. It's the perfect way to connect parents easily and safely, because users have full control over what data they would like to share.

Classlist allows you to set up different lists for different groups, meaning you can message the whole school about the summer fair, just Year 2 about a bake sale, or your committee about an upcoming event.

The free app allows you to recruit volunteers, send announcements and newsletters and raise cash for the school with Classlist's school sponsorship scheme. Its PTA forum is a useful tool for co-ordinating events and resources and getting advice and tips from other local PTAs.

Parents can reach each other in just one click, making it easy to ask about homework, trade old school gear or find lost property. The ticketing function allows you to manage and ticket events, with full guest lists and RSVPs.

  • Classlist uses Paypal as its payment provider, which charges users a small percentage as a fee.

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