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Shopping affiliate schemes

Your PTA could be earning commission (typically 3-4%) from money spent during key shopping seasons by signing up to one or all of the shopping reward schemes available, so sign up today and spread the word!

Who among us will be able to resist the draw of internet shopping this Christmas, with no queues or kids asking 'can I have one of these' every three seconds? But take the amount you're likely to spend and multiply it by the number of parents at your school and we're talking a lot of cash.

While individual companies, such as Scholastic, offer a kickback to schools, there are several companies whose reward schemes involve leading retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, NEXT, John Lewis and hundreds more. Every time a parent uses one of these fundraising websites to access their chosen online shop, your PTA could benefit!

There are no hidden charges for using these schemes, either to parents or your PTA, and all the product prices, offers, terms and delivery details are exactly the same as going straight to the individual websites. The only difference is that the children at your school will benefit from every purchase. So get your PTA signed up and send details out to all your parents at key times throughout the year.

If parents are likely to forget to shop through the affiliate scheme, many allow them to download a link onto their desktop. Parents can simply select their nominated charity when they register, then shop with their favourite online retailers as normal. But the great thing is they'll be prompted to claim the cashback. The average amount raised is £2.10 per person, per month - with 200 families supporting your scheme, you'd earn £420 per month for doing nothing!

  Affiliate schemes include:

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