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Five quick and easy-to-run fundraisers

If time and manpower are in short supply, these quick and easy ideas are a great way to raise funds for your PTA!

100 club

A 100 Club is a simple numbered lottery. John Carmichael, PTA member, Stowting CofE Primary School in Ashford (97 pupils): 'Our small school has around seventy families and the 100 Club raises £600-700 a year with about 50 numbers sold. The Club is promoted at the Christmas and summer fairs, and in the induction packs for new parents. Each number costs £2 per month, which can be paid for by cash, cheque or direct debit, monthly or annually. I make the draws in the playground with one of the parents. Three numbers are drawn and the prizes are 20%, 10% and 5% of the income.'

Pop-up polar parlour

Cash in on warmer weather (and keep pupils cool) by selling ice lollies. If freezer space is limited, run 'freeze pop Fridays'. Mr Freeze ice pops only need to be sold on the day of your sale and are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. If freezer space isn't an issue, then offer a choice of lollies. Buy from a wholesaler, like Booker, to ensure that nutritional information is printed on individual items. Sell immediately after school from cool boxes (find a shady spot!), pricing your wares according to the price and brand of the lolly. Promote your 'polar parlour' a few days beforehand and have plenty of small change in your float!

Shopping affiliate schemes

Your PTA could be earning commission from money spent during key shopping seasons, by signing up to one or all of the shopping reward schemes available! While individual companies, such as Yellow Moon and Scholastic, offer a kickback to schools, there are several companies whose reward schemes involve leading retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, NEXT, John Lewis and hundreds more. Every time a parent uses one of these fundraising websites to access their chosen online shop, your PTA could benefit!

Silver Smarties

Silver Smarties is a great challenge for children to complete over the Easter break. Each tube takes £12-worth of 20p pieces! Ask parents to confirm whether they want their children to take part, then provide those children with a tube of Smarties with a poem attached reading:

'We've given you these Smarties to eat,
But the empty tube you must keep,
For every task done, earn 20p,
It's up to you to earn your fee,
Fill up your tube, right to the top,
Return in three weeks for our charity pot!'

Football scratchcards

Charity scratchcards are cheap to buy and offer a quick turnaround. Each card has from 20 to 80 football teams listed. Friends, family and neighbours pay £1 to write their name and phone number against their chosen team. Completed cards and money are then returned. The silver panel is scratched off to reveal the winning team and 50% of the money collected from each card is returned to the student to pass on to their winner. If 100 families take part, on cards with 30 teams, you raise £1,500!

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