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PTA+ is a Community Inspired initiative. We are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and empowering PTAs to maximise their potential.

Community Inspired Ltd, formerly Community Alerts Ltd, was set up in October 2002 with a goal to develop services to help keep children safe at venues throughout the UK or whilst on holiday abroad.  Working with a number of leading organisations, we extended our services, bringing together families, schools and the wider community. 

Community Inspired is a social enterprise. No idea what that is? A social enterprise is a business that trades with the primary objective of supporting society - in our case that's PTAs, families and schools. Profits are reinvested for the benefit of the communities we support.

We began publishing PTA Magazine in January 2011, completely revamping and reinvigorating this exciting market. From April 2012, PTA+ Magazine was born, with the same editor at the helm, providing the topical parenting features and fundraising inspiration that our readers rely on to help inform, engage and empower them.

Here at Community Inspired we pride ourselves on the provision of excellent information and services. We work with the leading bodies in each sector and with technology partners who work to the highest standards of security and codes of practice.

Relaunch of the PTA+ website

If you are a regular visitor to the PTA+ website, you might have noticed we've had a redesign. This was to make it easier and more logical to find the features most relevant to you, as well as a better search function! We no longer have a login section to the website, however you can currently still access this by visiting admin.ptaplus.co.uk/account/home.action.

Many of our online services such as file storage, and parent-to-parent email simply became redundant. With the wonders of Dropbox, Google Docs and Facebook, PTAs no longer needed these services to communicate and store files. Many of you have your own emails and messaging services, so we decided to make the site simpler and easy to use by removing this area. We hope you like what you see, let us know what you think!

Some of the other services we provide include:

Child Safe Zones

A service which has gone from strength to strength, providing a nationally recognised 'Lost Child' service to shopping centres, town and city centres, beaches and visitor attractions throughout the UK and Ireland.

Family Safe Plus

An online registration service providing secure storage of information for the whole family - this could prove vital in an emergency or other incident.

Child Safe Accessories

Simple tags and wristbands for children, ensuring that contact telephone numbers and, for families registered with FamilySafePlus, the Family ID are carried at all times.

School Trips Plus

Developed with the expertise of many people within the education sector, from teacher associations and head teachers to visitor attractions and parents.

For more information, please contact us:

Community Inspired Ltd
Unit 2, Bulrushes Farm,
Coombe Hill Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4LZ
Email: info@pta.co.uk
Tel: 08700 62 49 19
Fax: 08712 63 77 52

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